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Varietals are flowers that are abundantly available in the season, but also feature blossoms flown in from around the globe.  Selecting the appropriate type of flower is important when considering a particular holiday, occasion, implied message, or season.  Keep in mind that anytime is the right time to give or receive fresh flowers!

Traditionally, flowers have been ascribed different meanings, such as expressions of luck, love, hope, passion, or other basic human trait.  The significance of color also strongly influences the choice and use of flowers.  All flowers have universal beauty.  The varietal that appeals to you is what is most important when making your selection!

Spring Varietals
Spring is the romantic season.  Subtle breezes whisper to lovers everywhere, and floral scents politely kiss their brows.  Spring romances us, as we find ourselves entranced by its seductiveness.

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Summer Varietals
The sweet summer season provides an abundance of choices and there is a wide variety of blooms available.  Warm weather and long, sunny days call to mind thoughts of beaches, barbecues, lazy days, and weekend getaways.

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Autumn Varietals
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Autumn is a prime time to appreciate lovely flowers that complement an ever-changing palette of foliage colors.  Autumn's rich shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown, with its vibrant and spicy scents, make homes just that much cozier.  And autumn is one of the most popular times to tie the knot.

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Winter Varietals
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Brighten up your home through the short days and during the festive season with accents that provide a fresh, exhilarating fragrance.  Winter varietals exhibit an understated elegance with extra shine and sparkle!

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Year-Round Varietals
While some flowers are available only at certain times of the year, many varieties are in full bloom no matter the season.  Alstroemeria, Gerbera, and Asiatic Lilies are beautiful examples. 

Memorable times occur year-round and flowers are always appropriate.  So it's only fitting that there are year-round flowers to help us celebrate life's beautiful occasions.

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